Tier Two - Complete

Tier 2 Alternatives Map

The Tier Two Draft EIS is a compilation of stakeholder outreach and comprehensive information about the project’s purpose and need, proposed plans and alternatives, and potential effects on environmental resources such as wetlands, wildlife, cultural resources and noise, as well as potential effects on future traffic operations caused by proposed alternatives as well as the “no-build” alternative. The Tier Two Draft EIS Notice of Availability (NOA) was made available for public review and comment on January 24, 2014 on this website as well as local libraries in the study area and DOT offices. The NOA began the 45 day public review and comment period which ran through March 10, 2014.

Alternative Map

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Tier Two involves a more in-depth discussion and analysis of the preferred alternative, Corridor B3. This involves additional detailed studies, including defining a design and footprint for the project, interchange locations, drainage studies, and detailed financing options and road closure analysis.

With input from all of our stakeholders and studies conducted by our engineering team, we have continued to revise the alignment. The revisions made since the last public meeting have been a true collaborative effort between the study team, communities and stakeholders as well as results from impact evaluation, safety, traffic, and operational analysis.

Public Hearings will be held to present the Preferred Alternative and the Tier Two Draft Environmental Impact Statement - February 2014.

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