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May 13, 2013
For Immediate Release

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Road Connectivity Concerns Addressed


Planners of the Illiana Corridor had some welcome news to share with Lake County, Indiana residents and communities who will be impacted by the highway. The proposed number of road closures, which have been top on the list of concerns for Indiana residents and stakeholders, were significantly reduced to just two north-south road closures. An additional north-south road, Sheffield Avenue, will be rerouted north of the highway along a proposed frontage road that will connect at State Line Road to the west.


"We spent some time working together with Lake County, local emergency service providers, the Tri-Creek school district, as well as the sheriff and police departments, to meet in the middle on what was safe, feasible and affordable for the community," said Jim Earl, INDOT Project Manager. "We also met with the Indiana Farm Bureau to identify current routes for agricultural equipment. Meetings with representatives of local communities and planning agencies, in addition to our Technical Task Force (TTF) and Corridor Planning Group (CPG), also helped us identity potential future local connectivity needs in the area. Based on all the comments, suggestions, and information we have received, and after subsequent analysis by our project team, we are pleased to be able to present this updated road connectivity alternative to Lake County residents."


Marshall Street and Harrison Street are now the only two roads slated for closure. This leaves nine local north-south road crossings, along with the Sheffield Road frontage road routing, to service the area into the future. Local land-use planning will continue, allowing for communities to adapt for the future. The plans for the interchanges remain the same, with three in Indiana located at I-65, SR 55, and US 41.


The current status of road closures and interchanges was presented in June at the Public Meetings.