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June 17, 2013
For Immediate Release

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Moving Forward with B3


After scores of meetings with municipalities, residents, and businesses, the B3 Corridor from Tier One has been further defined, and will move forward in planning, along with the No-Action alternative. This is the time where we roll up our sleeves and work with the communities on the details. It's always a challenge meeting the needs of a region and each town and resident along the way, but this is an opportunity for communities to design their future based on a transportation plan that will provide infrastructure and investment--a template from which to plan a community that works for them.


Beyond the regional benefits for freight and intermodal connections, Illiana provides an opportunity for jobs and economic development, and communities to plan for growth and sustenance for future generations. Working with the Illiana team, municipalities, residents and businesses can develop strategies to manage growth.


• Plan for agricultural preservation;

• Capitalize on new links to communities;

• Support mixed-use development and balanced growth;

• Promote infill development by diverting through-traffic to the Illiana Corridor;

• Opportunities for community-specific, appropriate, balanced growth at interchanges;

• Promote Eco-Agri-tourism and business opportunities along the corridor