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December 22, 2011
For Immediate Release

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IDOT and INDOT Welcomes Input on Alternatives

IDOT and INDOT welcomes input on the initial stakeholder alternatives (shown below) as well as any new suggestions at the December 13-14 public meetings. They request you submit comments by January 4, 2012. This input will be used in conjunction with the results of the technical evaluation to screen or reduce the number of alternatives that best meet the Purpose and Need for improvements: Improve regional mobility, Improve local system deficiencies, Provide for efficient movement of truck freight demand. From there, alternatives are further refined based on transportation performance and environmental resource evaluation, especially those alternatives with high impacts. While continuing to work with stakeholders, the finalist alternative(s) continue to be refined, and these alternatives (including a no-build alternative) are presented to the public for review and comment.

The preferred alternative will be selected based on four criteria: transportation performance evaluation, financial sustainability, reflection of community goals, and environmental resource evaluation. Throughout the study process, stakeholder input is vital to determining the best alternative for the study area and the region. Public Involvement is our priority throughout the development process. Please click here for a blank study area map to develop your alternative on or send us a comment through this website.

Map Alternatives Summary

Please mail these comments to:

Kesti Susinskas
201 W. Center Court
Schaumburg, Illinois 60196