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April 26, 2012
For Immediate Release

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Alternatives Carried Forward Technical Memo

IDOT and INDOT have posted the draft "Illiana Corridor Study Alternatives to be Carried Forward Technical Memo" (ACFTM) for your review and comment.

Since the development of the project Purpose and Need, the study has advanced through the identification and evaluation of a broad range of initial alternatives.  This memo summarizes the methodology, approach, findings, and conclusions of the initial alternatives evaluation process, and identifies the corridors that are recommended to be carried forward for further detailed environmental and engineering studies in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).  A key component of the study process includes blending stakeholder input with detailed technical analysis to identify the corridors that represent the best blend of improving travel performance, minimizing environmental impacts, and provide compatibility with community plans. After reviewing in excess of 80 proposed corridors, in February 2012 the study team recommended the "no-build" alternative and the B3 corridor  to be carried forward into the DEIS.  Since then, upon further analysis and taking in additional stakeholder comments and suggestions, two additional corridors A3S2 and B4,  are also being recommended to be carried forward into the DEIS for further investigation. While the study team continues to collect, refine and evaluate new alternatives and variations to corridors already presented, the study process has reached a milestone recommending that the "no-build" alternative, B3, B4, and A3S2 corridors should be carried forward for further study.  The detailed results of the alternatives evaluation will be summarized in the DEIS.  The complete documentation of all alternatives will be presented in the Alternatives Report that will be finalized at the close of public comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.  The actual selection of a preferred corridor(s) or a "no build" alternative will not occur until after the public hearing comment period which is anticipated in July or August of 2012.

Your early and frequent involvement in the study process has been essential to the development and evaluation of a broad range of transportation improvements as reported in this memo.  We look forward to, and welcome your comments on the findings as well as any additional suggestions on corridors that are presented.

Please click on the link below which will direct you to the document on the website.

Illiana Corridor Study Alternatives to be Carried Forward Technical Memo (ACFTM) 

Please review and provide comments by May 28, 2012 via the project website at