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September 06, 2013
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IDOT and INDOT Release the Draft Tier Two Alternatives to be Carried Forward Technical Memorandum



September 6, 2013

IDOT and INDOT Release the draft Tier Two Alternatives to be Carried Forward Technical Memorandum 

The Illinois and Indiana Departments of Transportation have released the draft Tier Two "Illiana Corridor Study Alternatives to be Carried Forward Technical Memorandum" (ACFTM) for your review. Please review and provide comments by September 26, 2013 via the project website.

This memorandum presents specific mainline alignment, interchange, and cross-road connectivity alternatives that resulted from the refinement of the approximate 2,000-foot wide B3 Corridor selected in Tier One of the study. These alternatives, including the No Action Alternative will be carried forward for detailed evaluation in the Tier Two Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

The alternatives to be carried forward were developed through extensive stakeholder input and technical analyses.  Detailed field surveys of natural and cultural resources have been conducted during Tier Two. The specific mainline alignments, interchange types and locations, and cross-road connectivity alternatives presented in this memorandum represent the best balance of improving travel performance, avoiding and minimizing environmental impacts, and providing compatibility with community plans and stakeholder input. 

The next steps in the Tier Two process include the detailed evaluation of these alternatives to be carried forward, which will be documented in the DEIS.  A technical recommendation of a preferred alternative may be presented in the DEIS.  However, the formal selection of a preferred build alternative or a "No Action" alternative will not occur until after the completion of the DEIS public hearing comment period, which is anticipated in Winter, 2013.

Your early and frequent involvement in the study process has been essential to the development and evaluation of a broad range of transportation improvements as reported in this memo.  We look forward to, and welcome your comments on the findings as well as any additional suggestions on corridors that are presented.