Where is the study area?

How is the Illiana Corridor Study being planned?

What is the schedule for the study?

What are the next steps in the process?

Who is involved in the Illiana study?

Who is conducting the study?

How can I participate in the study?

Is the project funded... how will it be funded?

What is a public-private partnership?

When can the project be constructed?

What constitutes a Stakeholder?

Who can I contact about this study?

Why is the Illiana needed?

Why are you studying a 2,000 foot wide corridor for each alternative?

How does this benefit Indiana?

What is the Property Acquisition Process?

Illinois passed a law to allow for the Quick Take process. What is the difference between the Eminent Domain and the Quick Take process?

I would never sell my house in a down market; how is it fair market value if you are forcing me to sell?

What is being done to inform property owners about the Illiana project and their legal rights?

Will sound barriers be installed near residential communities?