About the Study

Project Study Team

IDOT and INDOT will act as joint lead agencies with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for preparation of the EIS. A consultant team led by Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) will conduct the Illiana Corridor Study for IDOT and INDOT.

Illinois Department of Transportation The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is managing the overall Illiana Corridor Study. IDOT has responsibility for planning, construction and maintenance of Illinois' extensive transportation network, which encompasses highways and bridges, airports, public transit, rail freight and rail passenger systems. The mission of IDOT is to provide safe, cost-effective transportation for Illinois in ways that enhance quality of life, promote economic prosperity, and demonstrate respect for the environment.

Indiana Department of Transportation The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is financially participating in the study and will provide leadership for the Indiana portion of the study area.  INDOT is responsible for state roads, interstates and U. S. routes including adjacent overpasses and ramps on these roadways. Construction and maintenance of these roads is also INDOT’s responsibility along with traffic control devices along these roadways, including signs and traffic signals. INDOT will plan, build, maintain and operate a superior transportation system enhancing safety, mobility, and economic growth

FHWA The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is the lead federal agency for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process. The vision of the FHWA is to create the best transportation system in the world for the American people through proactive leadership, innovation, and excellence in service. They also provide expertise, resources, and information to continually improve the quality of our nation's highway system and its inter-modal connections. The FHWA undertakes this mission in cooperation will all of its partners to enhance the country’s economic vitality, quality of life, and the environment. The FHWA is a part of the Department of Transportation and is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with field offices across the United States.

PB Americas, Inc. A consultant team led by Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) and supported by specialty subconsultants is conducting the Illiana Corridor Tiered Environmental Impact Statement Study.  Subconsulting firms include:  

The al Chalabi Group
American Surveying & Engineering
Apex Consulting Engineers
Christopher B. Burke Engineering
Eaton & Hancock Associates
GSG Consultants
Howard R. Green
Huff & Huff
Images, Inc.
JF New & Associates
Sease, Gerig & Associates