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Agreement marks another significant milestone for highway project

Springfield, IL - The Illinois Department of Transportation, the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indiana Finance Authority have entered into a bi-state agreement regarding the public-private development of the proposed Illiana Corridor, a 47-mile, east-west highway facility that will...  Read more »

IDOT Announces Developer Team Finalists for the Illinois Portion of Illiana

Springfield, IL - The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) announced on January 17, 2014, the final list of qualified developer teams that will be allowed to bid on the Illinois portion of the Illiana.  These teams were among five that submitted Statements of Qualifications...  Read more »

IFA/INDOT: Four Teams Compete to Build Indiana Portion of Illiana

INDIANAPOLIS - Four well qualified developer teams will compete to design, build, finance, operate and maintain Indiana's portion of the Illiana Corridor and I-65 expansion in Lake County. The Illiana Corridor is a proposed 47-mile freeway that extends from I-55 in Illinois on the west to I-65 in...  Read more »

Illiana Corridor Achieves Key Financing Milestone

On March 17, 2014, the Illiana Corridor reached another significant milestone with the U.S. Department of Transportation declaring the project eligible to apply for a low-cost federal loan that could finance up to a third of the cost of construction. If approved, the loan would be provided through...  Read more »


The purpose of the Illiana Corridor is to provide a sustainable transportation solution that would improve east-west connectivity in the general vicinity of I-55 to the west and I-65 to the east. The Illiana will improve regional mobility, travel times, and access...  Read more »

Tier Two ROD Selected Alternative Map

Selected Alternative Map
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identifying the location of the Tier Two ROD Selected Alternative.

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